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Can you have a shittier attitude? When i am taking a nap please don't wake me up just because you don't like me sleeping. And go and find any shitty fucking excuse to pull me up and then tell me i am unfit, lazy and in need of exercise JUST FOR TAKING A NAP.  No one wakes YOU up for no reason when you're taking a nap and sasses you for it.  DAMN
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Moar Bargain Hunting

Went back to the dollah store today. I saw stuff i didn't see two days ago and bought ass loads of stuff. Spent about 15 dollars. o_o Bought another cowboy hat, 2 bead kits, hair bands, hair, 3 packs of nail polish, a basket, tooth brush, nail file thing, chocolate, brownie mix, cookies and more chocolate. lol  I think imma satisfied for now. Now i can busy myself with making beaded bracelets and eating sweets.

Had another weird dream last night. Dreamt that i was in my bathroom bathing, which wasn't really my bathroom. Apparently it was huge, and had an assortment of sea creatures shoved into a corner of it. Suddenly the wall disappears and it's a forest and i was attacked by insane samurai-ninja-demon-woman whose faces were painted white with red lipstick. They shot poison darts at me but i dodged them and blocked some with a manga i pulled out of nowhere to shield myself with. Then one of em is shot in the head with a foreign poison dart and they fled. Then i woke up.

Doctors appointment

Suucked. I spent 4 hours there because my information was wrong and spent forever trying to correct it. I got stabbed twice with needles and rapid punched in the finger with this flesh stabbing needle machine. Gaaaawd.
Afterwards i went to Burgerking for fud, woulda been nice if my teeth didn't hurt so damn much. I could barely eat anything .;__;
Went shoppin bought an SAT study book, and some crap to fix my clothes jewelery, and key chains with yey.

Then i fell asleep for four hours, dreamed i was eating thick, hard, dry slices of bacon and woke up with a dry dry throat. sadsagfdhgf


My teeth huuuuuuuuurt. Braces suck suck suck.
It rained today, i couldn't do anything. Another day wasted.  I can't stand reading my books. They bore the shit outta me. I'll probably get another round of F's starting the semester. Sometimes i wonder if i should even try anymore. I think i put to much effort in everything and yet i still don't do as good a job as others. Ah well.

I am human.  Probably more human than others. + extra laziness for me
I feel the need to be human. Maybe i'll call my friends once my teeth stop hurting.

Why do things always have to be so awkward?

Now imma go play RO2. Fun fun fun
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