marffin (marffin) wrote,

Moar Bargain Hunting

Went back to the dollah store today. I saw stuff i didn't see two days ago and bought ass loads of stuff. Spent about 15 dollars. o_o Bought another cowboy hat, 2 bead kits, hair bands, hair, 3 packs of nail polish, a basket, tooth brush, nail file thing, chocolate, brownie mix, cookies and more chocolate. lol  I think imma satisfied for now. Now i can busy myself with making beaded bracelets and eating sweets.

Had another weird dream last night. Dreamt that i was in my bathroom bathing, which wasn't really my bathroom. Apparently it was huge, and had an assortment of sea creatures shoved into a corner of it. Suddenly the wall disappears and it's a forest and i was attacked by insane samurai-ninja-demon-woman whose faces were painted white with red lipstick. They shot poison darts at me but i dodged them and blocked some with a manga i pulled out of nowhere to shield myself with. Then one of em is shot in the head with a foreign poison dart and they fled. Then i woke up.
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